AirFair makes its flight compensation app automatic

AirFair makes its flight compensation app automatic

Flight compensation app AirFair has upgraded its software to process claims automatically.

The company says the introduction of the FlightDeck software will speed up the process of making a claim, meaning that passengers can find out if they are entitled to money back faster than before.

AirFair is hoping travel agents, airlines, tour operators and flight booking websites will take up the software.

The app, launched in the UK in October last year, is available on iOS and Android.

Steven Bell, managing director of Fintech specialist Allay, which designed the software, said: “While the new software will greatly benefit airFair in handling a larger scale of claims, saving time and improving the customer journey, we also believe it has massive potential to help airlines and other businesses in the travel industry. We have ambitious plans for the future of FlightDeck and its presence in the industry with a vision of sharing this one-of-a-kind technology which we have developed.”

The company is developing a feature which would allow the general public to introduce potential flight delay claimants to airFair via the website and app, and receive payment for doing so.

Bell added: “At Allay we are constantly working on new and existing software, which includes version two of FlightDeck, as well as a new affiliation scheme.”

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