Online holiday bookings surge after General Election result

Online holiday bookings surge after General Election result

Holiday price comparison site says it recorded a surge in holiday bookings after the result of the general election.

Demand for holiday bookings surged 24% in the four days after Theresa May lost her majority but the Conservatives remained the largest party despite returning 13 less seats.

And the demand for last-minute package holidays saw a 36% uplift in the same period.

Big increases were seen in Morocco, which recorded a 17% surge, and Croatia, which saw a 12% jump in demand.

Demand for number one British destination Spain was flat while there was a 2% rise in demand for neighbouring Portugal.

According to, the cost of a package deal to Croatia – including flights and accommodation – is currently around 35% higher than the equivalent holiday to Spain.

Chief executive Andrew Latham said: “We had seen an unusual lull in holiday demand in the lead-up to the election, with searches down by 32% year-on-year during May. This appears to have been a sign of caution among UK holidaymakers to solidify their plans due to political and economic uncertainty.

“However, the immediate surge in last-minute demand following last week’s result is an indication of consumer desire to secure a great deal as the value of sterling drops. We know that price has always been an important factor in the decision-making process. However, it appears that holidaymakers are now looking beyond the base package cost and considering the implications of exchange rates and the cost of local goods in their search for their perfect break.

“Destinations which have seen the biggest increases in demand are often perceived to be a cheaper option overall, when spending money and exchange rates are taken into account. It is likely that customers are factoring this in their holiday search as the pound weakens against the Euro and the cost of a Sangria increases.”

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