HolidayCheck signs with bd4Travel

HolidayCheck signs with bd4Travel

Hotel rating and reservation platform HolidayCheck has signed up with bd4Travel to use its technology to personalise its offering.

In a recent trial, the German company saw a boost in sales.

Taking usage data and applying its algorithms, bd4travel builds holiday profiles for HolidayCheck’s users in real-time and uses them to predict the interests and booking intentions.

It aims to use the software to offer the most suitable offer to users within milliseconds.

In the trial, performance criteria such as conversion rate and interaction intensity also increased.

“In addition to the very positive measurable effects, we can gain completely new insights into the shopping experiences of our holidaymakers,” said Anja Keckeisen, CEO of HolidayCheck. “Such insights help us fine-tune our offers and functions for our customers even more.”

Long-term cooperation with bd4travel has been agreed, meaning that the personalisation technology can go live for more of the portal’s users in the coming weeks.

“Because our vision is to be the most holidaymaker-friendly company in the world, it’s self-evident that we use the latest technologies to understand our customers and give them the best-possible advice,” Keckeisen added.

Andy Owen-Jones, CEO at bd4travel, said: “HolidayCheck is optimally positioned for deploying personalisation technology thanks to its unparalleled and continuously growing database of user-generated hotel reviews, plus its huge number of users. When unique content and unique users are brought together, the result is a unique shopping experience for every single individual.”

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