TravelTech Lab joins forces with Collinson Group

TravelTech Lab joins forces with Collinson Group

Collinson Group has announced a partnership with Traveltech Lab, the travel technology incubator.

Traveltech Lab, which connects start-ups with established industry leaders, has signed up with Collinson Group to give the group’s clients access to a network of travel technology start-ups.

Collinson Group has worked in travel for 25 years ,analysing consumer travel behaviour and programmes with companies such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, InterContinental Hotels Group, MasterCard, VISA and American Express.

The three-year agreement will see Collinson Group and Traveltech Lab hosting pitch evenings for start-ups seeking commercial support in areas of interest to Collinson Group and its clients, brokering introductions and organising a ‘Future of Travel Technology’ seminar.

Collinson Group, which is behind airport lounge membership Priority Pass, led Columbus Insurance into selling at airport kiosks and has launched loyalty programmes with airlines and hotels.

Collinson Group will work with Traveltech Lab start-ups to identify and nurture a new generation of innovative travel products and services, building on its existing products and relationships. Traveltech Lab start-ups will gain access to some of the brains behind Collinson Group’s products.

The Traveltech Lab is behind Btrfly, an app which connects air travellers who are on the same flight or passing through the same airport for social or business networking, and Kompas, which uses smart algorithms and deep learning to present tailored reviews and recommendations based on traveller’s personal interests.

“Technology is an integral part of today’s travel experience, from booking via Skyscanner and AirBnB, through to electronic boarding passes and digital concierge services at the airport and interactive city guides at a destination” says Peter Dingle, Innovation Director, Collinson Group.

“This will continue to accelerate as we see smarter, more personalised and contextually relevant travel services.  We look forward to working with our clients and some of the brightest and best start-ups to conceive and bring new propositions to market.”

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