Lufthansa to roll out Amadeus Airport Pay in 170 airports

Lufthansa to roll out Amadeus Airport Pay in 170 airports

German carrier Lufthansa is to roll out Amadeus Airport Pay at 170 airports across the globe.

The wireless payment solution can be used by multiple airlines, ground handlers and banks in airports worldwide independently of the check-in infrastructure and accepts EMV chip card payments.

It means passengers who previously had to pay for excess luggage or flight upgrades at a separate ticket office can now do so at the check-in desk and Amadeus says the new technology will make customers less likely to think twice before buying an upgrade.

Celia Pereiro, head of travel payments at Amadeus, said: “Payments in the airport have taken a big step forward towards convenience, security and flexibility with Amadeus Airport Pay. We are proud to be working with Lufthansa.

“Travellers will have the peace of mind that their payments are secured. Airlines and ground handlers meanwhile can open the door to a much smoother trip – imagine roaming agents approaching you while queuing to offer the ancillary service you need – it’s a win-win for the airline and the traveller.”

Amadeus’ June launch has been done in conjunction with Lufthansa, which will use the technology at 170 airports.

Kai Schilb, head of payment at Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines said: “To bring secure and seamless payment options to our passengers to ease their individual and seamless travel experience is a core objective for the Lufthansa Group. Amadeus Airport Pay enables our travellers to choose customized ancillary services for their flight while checking in or at the gate – securely and with a variety of payment options, and without the need for detours”

Philipp Vetten, team management of payment projects at Lufthansa Group added: “Besides, as an IT solution, Amadeus Airport Pay gives the Lufthansa Group full control over its payment infrastructure by enabling connections with a wide range of payment providers.”

Amadeus says its Airport Pay can be fully integrated in the airline’s sales flow, meaning payments are faster, more accurate and automatically accounted for.

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