General election encouraged Brits to search for flights ‘as far away as possible’, says Cheapflights

General election encouraged Brits to search for flights ‘as far away as possible’, says Cheapflights

Britons have been booking flights to far-flung destinations since the general election was announced, according to travel search website Cheapflights.

The number of long-haul flights searched for since April 18 is 36% up on the same period last year, data from the company shows.

Searches for short-haul flights were also up, but only by 11% when compared to 2016.

Cheapflights’ managing director Andrew Shelton said: “According to our data, the British reaction to the announcement of a General Election in April seems to have been to look at getting as far away from the UK as possible. There’s no voter apathy when it comes to looking for holidays.

Searches for flights to Toronto – in the year of Canada’s 150th anniversary of independence – are up 52% while searches for flights to New York are up 23%.

Thailand flights have been searched for 39% more than last year and Dubai flight searches are up 30%.

Flights to Sri Lanka  are up 92% among Londoners and searches for flights to Bangkok from Scots are 70% up and have more than doubled among the Welsh, who have increasingly been looking for flights to Faro, Rome and Barcelona.

Shelton added: “It looks like UK voters are dreaming of an escape from the debate, or a break from the barracking. Whether it’s election exhaustion or unease about who’ll hold the keys to 10 Downing Street on Friday, there’s no uncertainty about which way their votes are going when it comes to looking to get away.”

Meanwhile, low cost carrier Ryanair has launched a flash election sale ahead of Thursday’s vote to capitalise on the mood.

More than 200 routes are in the 20% off sale on seats for travel between June and September from 17 UK airports.

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said: “It’s nearly election day and unlike most UK politicians, your seat is guaranteed with Ryanair. We’ve launched a special General Election sale with 20% off seats on over 200 routes, ensuring voters can switch their political parties for beach parties.”

The sale ends midnight Thursday, June 8 – polling day.

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