launches ‘mission’ to help Airbnb hosts drive up their status launches ‘mission’ to help Airbnb hosts drive up their status

A one-man mission has been initiated to help Airbnb hosts reach ‘superhost’ status and maximise the profit on their holiday rentals.

Tel Aviv-based Ilan Cohen, a former Airbnb host, set up bnbstat in February, claiming to bring a new dimension to data and statistics for the Airbnb market. is focussing on 36 of the most popular tourist destinations and has analysed more than 500,000 listings.

New cities will be added shortly, as well as country reports.

Information such as keywords which customers use to find rentals and to rate rentals, details about what amenities rival Airbnb hosts have, cancellation policies and the total number of listings in any given city can give hosts a clearer view on the market they are operating in.

Cohen said: “Part of what I’m trying to do is educate hosts about how they can use data to help them provide a better service to their customers, maximise occupancy and profit.

“When I was an Airbnb host I managed over 30 apartments. As a bit of a stats nerd I was keen to build a tool which would help me maximise my investment in my vacation rentals. This is how I came to start”

The reports from are created by amalgamating publicly available information from accommodation rental platforms such as Airbnb and national statistic sites to offer users information they need to stay competitive.

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