Bezurk ends screenscraping after signing Amadeus deal

Asia-Pacific focussed meta search engine has become the second site to sign up to the Amadeus Meta Pricer product.

The partnership means Bezurk effectively ends screen scraping any airline website for fares as it takes all its information via the Amadeus data bank.

The Meta Pricer system was launched last year in response to concern from airlines and online travel agencies over the rising costs associated with constantly supplying meta search engines with information. US meta search site Kayak signed a Meta Pricer deal in February 2007.

Bezurk chief executive Martin Symes said: “Many airlines have been telling us loud and clear that they are excited about partnering with and the incremental direct business we can drive for them but that they really don’t want us to screenscrape their public websites in order to get their fares and availability.”

Some airlines and OTAs have complained that their systems also get overloaded when meta search engines crawl sites for information.

Last year, Chris Roe, whilst at Opodo, signalled the OTAs frustration at having to pay costs to a GDS every time a meta search engine tried to access fares. The Amadeus product was launched in the autumn of 2006.

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