Dutch startup launches in UK to drive direct hotel bookings

Dutch startup launches in UK to drive direct hotel bookings

A Dutch startup that helps hotels drive direct bookings via websites has launched in the UK.

Hotelchamp aims to help hotels personalise the booking experience and build better relationships with their customers.

The firm, which has more than 1,000 partner hotels in 30 countries, claims that most customers will check a hotel’s website but then book through an online travel agent (OTA).

Existing clients include Millennium Hotel Group, Meininger Hotel Group, Palazzo Versace, Athenaeum Hotel, Apex Hotels and Sandton Hotels.

“A lot of times hotels don’t know who they’re hosting until the guest walks through the door. That makes it hard to optimise services,” said Hotelchamp CEO Kristian Valk. “It’s also a disadvantage for guests, because booking sites see them as just another number and the service these sites provide is generic. If guests have a direct relationship with the hotel, it enables hotels to better cater to the guests’ specific wishes.”

Hotelchamp works using a SaaS model and its average fee is 300 euros a month and claims its customers typically earn back between three and five times the costs.

Valk added: “Our end-goal is to focus on being independent from OTAs, increasing hotels’ profitability and improving their guest relations. Whether it’s offering a free breakfast or a 10% discount on specific room types, our conversion specialists are helping customers uncover the best strategy through a combination of persuasion methods and personalisation, increasing their overall direct bookings.”

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