Neilson calls on intelligence technology to personalise phone inquiries

Neilson calls on intelligence technology to personalise phone inquiries

Active holiday specialist Neilson has invested in call intelligence technology from phone calls and use data to offer more personalised product.

Using ResponseTap tech, the operator plans to strengthen its offering over the phone, through which its travel advisors receive up to 100,000 calls a year asking about ski, mountain, beachclub or sailing holidays.

The move follows a new website, launched in late 2016, designed to improve the research and booking experience for customers shopping online.

“Our entire brand is about creating holiday experiences that make customers’ hearts sing,” said head of digital Jennie Webster. “But that philosophy isn’t restricted purely to the vacations themselves – we want every interaction with Neilson to form part of the memorability.

“So, if a customer chooses to contact our sales centre because they believe you can’t beat the first-hand knowledge of our active holiday experts, we want that call to be as relevant and informative as possible. And now, armed with real-time insight into an individual’s research and behaviour, up until the point of them picking up the phone, we can tailor our advice and ensure the conversation is even more valuable.”

Webster said gleaning more data from a customer journey will be a powerful marketing tool.

“Our brand is growing – in both reputation and capacity – which means our marketing activity has to become slicker and more integrated to support this ongoing expansion,” she added. “Because we’re now linking online and offline behaviours, we can measure the effectiveness of every campaign and channel, enabling us to optimise our spend thereafter. This gives us the ability to make decisions based on evidence, not assumptions, and convert more enquiries into sales as a result.”

Sales agents will soon record the outcome of every call with the view of using the data for future marketing.



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