Icelolly uses data to improve customer conversion by 20%

Icelolly uses data to improve customer conversion by 20%

Holiday price comparison site says it has improved its customer conversion rating by 20% using data gleaned from usability workshops.

Looking into the functionality of its website, it found that many “best practices” for usability were not necessarily right for their visitors.

Its team identified specific areas where the site was under performing and designed alternative versions for testing.

These included:

  • Editing copy on the holiday filter button increased click-through by 18%
  • Trialling call-to-action options based on specific customer motivators found that an ‘expertise-focused’ call to action increased conversion by 17%
  • Formatting the layout of the hotel pages in line with feedback from UX workshops increased conversion by 9%
  • Enlarging the search bar on the home page increased the volume of searches by 3%
  • Changing the colour of the call button increased calls by 2%
  • Creating a large ‘View Deal’ button on the search pages increased click-through by 8%

Tony Iacobucci, chief technical officer at, said: “As a business, we are continually testing and using data to make our customer experience as exciting and user-friendly as possible.

“It has been a major driver in helping limit the impact of today’s challenging market. These results clearly indicate that through understanding the psychology of the consumer and the journey each person takes through the website, conversion and click-through can be greatly increased. This benefits our users and advertisers alike.”

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