Bangkok and Bali most searched destinations for British travellers

Bangkok and Bali most searched destinations for British travellers

Bangkok and Bali have emerged in new research as the most sought after destinations for British travellers this year.

The findings come from a global travel survey conducted by travel search engine

The company asked 23,149 people from 23 countries about their travel habits and analysed more than 400 million searches made on the site.

More than 1,000 British consumers were among the total surveyed about their travel habits.

Marketing manager, Neil James Cartwright, said:“Bangkok remains the most searched destination among Brits as this city with its stable warm weather, electrifying city life and restaurant meals, which on average cost 91% less than in London, make it great for a holiday throughout the year.

“For travels in 2017, however, another eastern destination is on the rise – Bali.

“With a 191% increase in searches this year compared to 2016, the tropical Indonesian island seems to have caught the interest among Brits. Bali is clearly the destination trending the most among the 50 most searched.”

Price is the determining factor for more half of people when it comes to choosing a flight (50%) and a hotel (54%).

Other findings from the UK poll results show that 59% of people prefer to stay at a hotel when on holiday.

Hotels for UK breaks are booked 22 days in advance, while hotels abroad are booked 35 days before arrival.

However, accommodation is the thing most people prefer to save money on (29%), whereas fewer are willing to cut costs on sightseeing and excursions (19%).

More than a third (37%) of Britons upload photos from their holiday to social media, the study also revealed.

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