Free video and photo archive for travel agents launched

Free video and photo archive for travel agents launched

A visual content resource has been launched to give travel agents and suppliers the ability to create and access thousands of videos and images to use in marketing.

It is the brainchild of Rich Media Exchange, which hopes the 500,000 high-resolution images and 2,000-plus videos of destinations around the world.

UK agencies can use the resource for free while airlines, hotels and attractions can access the library for a nominal fee.

RME says there is a growing demand for “dynamic visual content” and cites statistics from digital consultancy firm when it says video now accounts for 74% of all online traffic.

“Online shoppers who view demo videos are twice as likely to purchase than non-viewers,” said Kulin Strimbu, president and chief executive of US-based Rich Media Exchange.

“Video has been proven to increase click-through rates, improve customer engagement and drive sales. To remain competitive, it is essential the travel industry embraces this trend.”

The research also found that the inclusion of a video on a website landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80% and that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Of those, 51% believe this type of content generates the best return on investment.

Recently named a finalist in the Travel Technology Europe Disrupt Awards, RME has been providing digital asset management services to the travel industry for the past decade, with the aim of simplifying the use of rich media such as video to help agents and suppliers drive sales.

UK Sales and Marketing Director Josephine Bellanca said: “Rich Media Exchange provides a one-stop shop for hotels, airlines, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related suppliers who require professional and strategic management for their digital assets.

“The UK market has already shown strong interest in RME’s content solutions and production expertise and we expect sales to grow quickly as word spreads about this new marketing solution for the travel and hospitality industry.”

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