Industry expects rise in travel technology spending

Industry expects rise in travel technology spending

Nearly three quarters of travel professionals who work with data think their departments will get more spending money in 2017.

And according to EyeForTravel’s State of Data and Analytics in Travel Report, only 4% think there will be a decrease in budget.

Respondents came from all verticals in the industry, and 74.5% said they expect budget increases in 2017.

More than half said they expect budgets to grow by 6% or more and 30% think 11% or more will be added to their coffers.

But the report warns that the figures could be skewed because of how small the dedicated data teams are, with two-thirds saying teams were of fewer than ten people and more than half were in teams of five people or less.

“The travel and tourism industry has realised the importance of strong data analysis and is manoeuvring itself into a good position,” said Alex Hadwick, head of research at EyeforTravel.

“We found that in terms of analytics, data deployment and attribution, travel is relatively advanced compared to other industries. These planned budgetary increases will help increase the depth of talent and acquire the tools needed to get maximum value out of the huge amount of data that already exists and will be generated in the future.”

At this year’s Eyefortravel Travolution will launch its 2017 Innovation Report which analyses government data on technology spend in the travel sector.

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