10 start-ups chosen for Booking.com’s accelerator programme

10 start-ups chosen for Booking.com’s accelerator programme

Booking.com has revealed ten sustainable travel start-ups that will join its new accelerator programme.

The goal of Booking.com Booster is to identify, mentor and fund enterprising start-ups from around the world that are seeking to have a positive impact on the global tourism industry.

The 10 start-ups were chosen from 700 applications from firms in 102 countries.

Chosen start-ups will take part in a three-week programme in Amsterdam this June that culminates with a chance to pitch to a panel of Booking.com and industry experts for grants of up to €500,000 from the accommodation search giant.

“We are so impressed with the amazing diversity and quality of applications that we received,” said Gillian Tans, chief executive of Booking.com. “The incredible passion and genuinely innovative business concepts we saw from startups from practically every corner of the globe was truly inspiring.

“I can’t wait to get to know these 10 startups better and see how we can help them to accelerate their growth plans in order to bring their vision for sustainable tourism to even more destinations around the world.”

The ten sustainable travel start-ups that will be joining Booking.com Booster in June 2017 are:

Desolenator (UK)

Desolenator is a clean off-grid technology that can purify any water – seawater or contaminated sources – into clean drinking water using solar power.

MovingWorlds (USA & Colombia)

Helps professionals volunteer real skills – go ‘experteering’ – with social impact organizations overseas; on their own, or through corporate-sponsored programs.

Authenticook (India)

Provides authentic culinary experiences, from full course meals to cooking classes, at the homes of locals so travellers can experience and understand the local culture through food and locals can earn money working from their own home.

Backstreet Academy (Singapore and Southeast Asia)

Peer-to-peer travel platform aims to empower impoverished communities in developing countries who cannot speak English nor have access to technology to create unique travel experiences, host tourists and showcase their tradition, culture and heritage.

Visit.org (USA)

Platform for social impact travel experiences. All hosts’ revenue is invested back into the local community and all providers are non-profit organisations.

Awake (Colombia)

Nature travel and experiences marketplace connecting travellers to local hosts and also a sustainable development agency.

Seabin (Founded in Australia & HQ in Spain)

The Seabin is an automated marina rubbish bin that collects floating rubbish, debris and oil.

MEJDI Tours (Israel & Palestine)

Multi-narrative tours with two guides with different religious, political, and cultural perspectives. Groups travel with one Israeli and one Palestinian guide, while in Northern Ireland they have one Catholic and one Protestant guide.

Local Alike (Thailand)

Offers community-based tourism tours in Thailand and hopes to expand across southeast Asia.

Good Hotel (Guatemala, UK & Netherlands)

Re-invests all profits in business and education, and as a result, stimulate local entrepreneurship and development.

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