Tourico launches automated push service rates and availability cache

Tourico launches automated push service rates and availability cache

Wholesaler has introduced new caching technology to reduce latency for its clients.

The up-to-date availability and rates push service means Tourico’s partners can maintain an offline, in-house and adaptable database of product and prices.

The firm said being able to access a fresh cache of data immediately will reduce latency and reduce failed bookings when selling last minute inventory.

Lev Koutamonov, head of API integration at Tourico Holidays, said: “Companies selling travel no longer have to pull data for current inventory.

“Our new push service allows distribution clients to integrate Tourico’s massive inventory of products and maintain up-to-date prices and availability.

“The process is more efficient and will lead to more successful transactions and better profits for our clients.”

Tourico said the push service exposes its business logic, providing clients with pre-calculated total prices that reflect currency changes, promotion discounts, and other business factors.

If suppliers focus on certain regions, they can opt into only receiving updates to certain hotels and inventory.

Koutamonov added: “Tourico is the only business-to-business travel company in the world that has developed a push service that immediately updates changes to the wholesaler’s inventory.

“Travel suppliers can now maintain a current offline cache to better serve their customer.”

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