introduces sleep pods for siestas at Spanish train station introduces sleep pods for siestas at Spanish train station

Booking portal has begun trialling sleep pods at a Madrid train station so that Spaniards can get a decent siesta.

The “SiesteSilla” pods at Madrid’s Atocha train station feature memory foam mattresses, light shields and “mood-boosting scents”.

After the trial, pods will be available free of charge during an extended three month trial period at Madrid’s 4-star Hotel Santa Domingo.

The pods have been introduced following a poll of 2,500 Spanish adults by the online hotel booking giant that shows 60% would like to see public siesta spaces.

Its research also found that 92% of Spaniards want to take siestas, but 33% say they cannot take an afternoon snooze either because they live too far away from work or they don’t have enough time.. also says research by the International Institute of Sleep shows that siestas boost productivity and creativity at work.

The International Institute of Sleep’s Dr. García-Borreguero said: “Numerous studies have shown that small periods of daytime sleep, especially if the duration is less than 20-30 minutes, can contribute to a decrease in fatigue and increase in concentration and memory retention, thus increasing performance.

“In this way, they increase the tools necessary to improve productivity and stimulate creativity. A short sleep can decrease anxiety and irritability levels, as well as muscle tension. It also improves the capacity for decision-making ”

Santiago Pérez Olano, senior marketing manager at, added: “We know how rewarding it is to sleep well, especially when we are in a wonderful hotel bed. Now we want Spaniards to have the possibility of sleeping in luxurious public spaces that deliver the siesta experience in style, so that they return to work full of energy and good ideas.”

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