Airbus partners with Sita for aircraft cyber security monitoring

Airbus partners with Sita for aircraft cyber security monitoring

Technology designed to tighten aircraft cyber security is being introduced by Airbus.

The European manufacturer has teamed up with aviation IT solutions provider Sita to develop a security operations centre customised for the specific needs of the air transport industry.

The incident detection services will provide airlines and airports with information about unusual cyber activity.

It comes as cyber security becomes one of the aviation sector’s top priorities.

Sita’s latest airline IT trends survey shows that 91% of airlines plan to invest in cyber security over the next three years.

Airbus already works with companies, critical national infrastructures, governments and defence organisations to detect, analyse and counter increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Sita CEO, Barbara Dalibard, said: “As an industry we need to move faster in developing new cyber security solutions that mitigate the risk of ever-changing threats. This requires constant collaboration and innovation.

“With Sita and Airbus cyber security uniquely placed at the heart of the air transport industry, we can facilitate innovation and information-sharing through services such as the security operations center service, providing solutions our customers demand and need.”

François Lavaste, head of Airbus cyber security, said: “Air transport is part of the Airbus DNA, so it was only natural that we joined forces with Sita to adapt our innovative cyber security solutions to this new service area, which is experiencing exponential growth.

“Our standard solution mainly combines real-time monitoring services for applications and communications dedicated to air transport and incident response services.”

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