says guests can save £100s ditching 5 star for 4 star says guests can save £100s ditching 5 star for 4 star

British travellers can save hundreds of pounds switching from five star to four star hotels, according to’s new Hotel Price Index.

The online booking platform said that the average price saved in Icelandic capital Reykjavik by dropping down to four star was £217.

In 45 of the most popular destinations in 2016, four star accommodation was found for under £100 – including in destinations such as Las Vegas, Melbourne and Abu Dhabi – while only five destinations in the top 100 offered five star for less than £100.

European cities such as Reykjavik, Venice, Paris, Rome and Barcelona all showed guests could make savings of more than £100 by opting for four star over five star.

CITYAverage cost per night of 5-star accommodation in top destinations in 2016 (£)Average cost per night 4-star accommodation in top destinations in 2016 (£)Price Difference in pounds (£)
Los Angeles306159147
Las Vegas1768987
New York26918881

Isabelle Pinson, vice president, EMEA for, said: “With a number of major political and economic shifts in 2016, currencies across many nations around the world were impacted, meaning many people had tighter travel budgets last year. 1

“Fortunately, as our research shows, savvy travellers were able to find good value at 4 and 5 star hotels across the globe. In some destinations travellers were able to benefit from significantly better value at 4 star properties in 2016.”

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