Travellanda moves to new office as growth ‘higher than expected’

Travellanda moves to new office as growth ‘higher than expected’

B2B travel company Travellanda has moved to a new office in Hammersmith as it continues to grow.

London-based Travellanda recently decided to move to larger premises from its previous base in Wandsworth as departments needed extra desks.

The new riverside headquarters is open plan, has a director’s box and a board room.

Travellanda’s London headquarters has moved four times since its foundation seven years ago and the firm says “growth is always higher than expected” since it launched in 2010.


Amir Gharizadeh, director and co-founder at Travellanda said: “I remember our first office in West Kensington, it was so small we couldn’t all talk on the phone at the same time otherwise the noise would fill the room and we wouldn’t hear anything.

“We moved a month later to slightly larger office on the same floor. We still had to take meetings in the coffee shop around the corner for about 2 years. I am now very proud of how far we have come in the last seven years.”

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