Sabre’s GetThere updated for mobile self-service use

Sabre’s GetThere updated for mobile self-service use

Sabre has updated its GetThere programme to work on mobile and other devices by simplifying the design and booking process.

Business travellers using the service can now make in-policy booking decisions on the go and other self-service options.

It now also includes Sabre’s air merchandising capabilities to support airlines’ branded fares with existing travel policy.

“Today’s business traveller wants the convenience of self-service solutions,” said Wade Jones, interim president of Sabre Travel Network. Our new traveller-centric design in GetThere puts the user first with new mobile capabilities and relevant content that’s essential for a smarter travel program.

“Travel managers and travellers will also have access to more content and the ability to differentiate various fare offerings from airlines including branded fares – helping business travellers get the exact services and features that they need to be productive.”

On the new GetThere, business travellers have access to the full breadth of available fares offered by the airline, not just the lowest air fare.

Sabre says the combination of enhanced features on GetThere can increase adoption, online bookings and reduce travel costs for corporations.

Visa, a recent adopter of GetThere as their preferred online booking tool, generated the company’s highest adoption rate and bookings in compliance after it switched to Sabre’s corporate booking tool to give its employees a self-service solution and control costs.

Online adoption increased from 17 to 70 percent within the first week of GetThere being used by Visa.

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