Ebookers founder joins advisory board of apartments provider

Ebookers founder joins advisory board of apartments provider

Ebookers founder Dinesh Dhamija has joined the advisory board of corporate apartments provider TheSqua.re.

His appointment comes as the company aims to launch into a new destination for every month of 2017, including moving into a fourth continent with properties to rent in Sydney.

The firm recently introduced an app allowing travellers to find up to date local information on the move.

Dhamija recently founded the Copper Beech Group, which works in residential property development internationally.

CEO Sid Narang said: “Dinesh’s experience in creating and developing what is now a respected worldwide brand makes him an invaluable new member of the team.

“As we look to increase our global offerings, we can think of no one better to assist and advise on how to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

The company’s property portfolio of four-star serviced apartments covers three continents.

“Our continuing aim, through our property services and through the community events and digital offerings that surround them, is to offer the very best in corporate apartment services around the world,” Narang added.

“Dinesh brings us essential expertise in both property development and in the digital progression of business, and we are thrilled to welcome him into our team.”

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