TripAdvisor launches Facebook Messenger chatbot

TripAdvisor launches Facebook Messenger chatbot

TripAdvisor has launched a Facebook Messenger chatbot which browsers can use to ask for travel advice and recommendations for restaurants, attractions, hotels and flights.

The artificial intelligence bot interacts with customers via the social media channel using natural language processing in a bid to give you the answers you want.

It works on desktop and mobile and is designed to teach itself to get better over time.

Friends and family can be invited into the chat and ‘like’ suggestions, a feature is designed to help groups make quick decisions.

In its official announcement, TripAdvisor said: “TripAdvisor will scour our millions of reviews to instantly provide you with the best recommendation – all within the Facebook Messenger platform experience. TripAdvisor’s bot will eventually learn what you like in the perfect trip. In fact, the more questions you ask, the better, as it gets smarter with each new inquiry.

“Let’s say you’re in New York City and craving sushi. No problem – just log on to Facebook Messenger and simply send the TripAdvisor bot a message asking for sushi restaurants nearby your current location. If you are in the West Village for example, the bot might recommend Morimoto, Blue Ribbon Sushi or Sushi Samba – you will be enjoying a delicious spicy tuna roll in no time!”

For now, the bot is only available to English speakers.

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