Amadeus launches Productivity Tracker within its Agency Insight Suite

Amadeus launches Productivity Tracker within its Agency Insight Suite

Travel technology provider Amadeus has today launched a new performance tracker which it says will help travel agents sell more and sell better.

A new tool called the Productivity Tracker has been added to Amadeus Agency Insight Suite – and it uses data analytics to show which holidays are selling best, which marketing campaigns are working and what to focus staff’s attention on.

Data is collated and re-modelled into a more digestible format so that agencies can draw conclusions easier without having to spend time on complicated spreadsheets.

It is aimed at both large travel agencies and smaller operations, which can sign up on yearly subscriptions.

Pascal Clement, head of travel intelligence at Amadeus, said: “We can really help travel agents improve the way they work, and make more money.”

Clement told Travolution that although performance tracking exists within travel agencies already, the process is often disparate and can give inconsistent data.

With Amadeus’ Productivity Tracker, agencies can run reports to show what contributes most to overall booking and revenue, helping them determine where to allocate resources. It can also give them information on bookings at risk of cancellation and respond in time to protect their reservations.

Clement added: “Across the travel industry, innovation and disruption is happening quicker than we have seen for many years – travel agencies must adapt accordingly. This means adjusting their strategies and operations to best serve the demands of tomorrow’s travellers. Productivity Tracker enables agencies of all sizes to do this by providing them with actionable insights on their performance, which they can then use to sharpen their business processes and strengthen their position in a competitive market”.

VCK Travel has been trialling the software during its test period. Operations director Barbara Pitt said: “Previously we have had to manually track performance on a monthly basis, which meant that issues might only come to our attention at a late stage. We now have access to instant information to help make fast strategic decisions that will improve our business operations and boost our growth.  Our time is freed up to focus on advancing our business and other key actions like developing our agents.”

Clement said that the Performance Tracker was the second of three steps Amadeus has made in its Agency Insight Suite. It already tracks trends in the market to give agencies a wider picture of what is working. Now the Productivity Tracker looks at individual performance, Amadeus will next focus on linking the two, which it believes will further optimise sales and revenue.

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