New mobile service launched for travel

2shop4, a new system for consumers to buy travel products via a mobile phone, is to be piloted in the UK over the next three months.

The project works by allowing consumers to enter a text code whenever they see a product bearing the 2shop4 logo on posters, magazine, TV and websites.

Once the code is sent a secure payment system is made available on the user’s handset in order for them to complete the purchase.

It is hoped users will be able to buy travel products as well as sport and film tickets, supermarket products and other retail goods.

The system is a joint partnership between technology and SMS provider Dialogue Communications and development company Evevoy.

Dialogue Communications UK Managing Director, Guillaume Peersman, said: “2shop4 is pushing mobile shopping into a whole new area.

“Before this service launched, buying on mobile was very limited and this service will bring a whole new dimension to mobile shopping.”

2shop4 will be launched in the UK in October following the pilot. Clients will be selected from an affiliate advertising network, 2shop4 said.


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