Research suggests 94% of UK millennials book travel online

Research suggests 94% of UK millennials book travel online

As many as 94% of millennials prefer to book travel online, according to new research.

A study called The Future of Marketing, published by The Market Creative puts travel at the top of purchases that those born between 1980 and 2000 buy online.

While 94% of millennials asked said they prefer to book travel online, 85% said they are more likely to buy entertainment equipment online and 70% said they’re more likely to book sports equipment online.

The most popular purchases for an in-store visit included furniture (82%), DIY or garden equipment (79%) and homeware (70%).

But the study found that millennials had not abandoned the high street overall, showing that 58% of millennials visit a physical store at some point when making a purchase.

And while 42% of millennials mainly shop online, 29% prefer to mainly shop in store.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Market Creative said: “As millennials mature and move into their prime spending years, they are becoming the most important group for many retailers and brands. It’s important that we grasp the behavioural and attitudinal differences compared to previous generations, so we can shape and deliver shopping experiences that meet them on their terms.

“To survive, retailers must acknowledge the importance of cost and convenience. Giving people a reason to hit the high street, making it an enjoyable and easy experience and offering a price matching service are must haves.”

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