Research shows mobile has overtaken desktop for UK holiday bookings

Research shows mobile has overtaken desktop for UK holiday bookings

New analysis of families’ holiday booking trends shows that more people are using smartphones to book their holidays than computers in the UK.

Carried out by holiday apartment comparison site Hundredrooms, which said the trend had been expected, the European research showed the rise of mobile and tablet was most prominent in the UK.

Smartphone accounted for 48% of bookings in the UK, with 19% made on tablets, meaning 67% of bookings were made on mobile devices compared to 33% on computers.

Yet in other European countries, computers still reign over mobile in terms of holiday bookings. The research showed that in Spain, 47% still book on a computer compared to 42% on mobile and 11% on tablet while in Italy 52% book on computer, 38% mobile and 10% tablet.

Germany was the most loyal to the computer, with 60% of bookings being made on computers compared to 27% on smartphones and 13% via tablets.

In France, it was 49% on computers and 30% on smartphone but more families going on holiday – 20% – booked on tablets in the country.

Hundredrooms said: “The results have revealed an extraordinary fact: the computer is no longer in first place among devices most commonly used by travellers to book their holiday. Mobile devices, which have long imposed themselves on the international market as a fierce competitor to the computer, are also overwhelmingly dominating the world wide web. The future seems to have arrived earlier than expected due to the strong level of development achieved by technology.”


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