Vayant touts flexibility of airline merchandising tech to maximise revenue

Vayant touts flexibility of airline merchandising tech to maximise revenue

Airline distribution solutions provider Vayant Travel Technologies is unveiling a merchandising option.

Vayant Merchandising claims to empower airlines with “nearly unlimited flexibility” to optimise pricing and maximise conversion and revenue.

It enables personalised service creation, dynamic pricing and bundling that adapt to any flight purchase context.

Sales offers can be distributed to both direct and indirect channels such as metasearch and Iata New Distribution Capability-connected agencies.

The solution is being tested by some Vayant strategic customers ahead of a global release by next month.

Vayant chief executive, Eric Dumas, said: “Enabling further revenue streams and upward yield for an airline is key and we are excited to introduce such an advanced solution as a powerful complement to our ecosystem.

“Our vision continues to be that the airline shall control its sales offer. This NDC merchandising sales offer engine expands our existing high performance shopping and pricing solutions and facilitate airlines’ sales through all their channels.”

Iata NDC programme director, Yanik Hoyles, said: “We are glad to see Vayant contributing to the evolution of airline retailing.

“Vayant is an active NDC promoter and we look forward to further cooperate with them through the certification of this and other products from the Vayant portfolio”.

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