Visit California launches ‘Britfornians’ video marketing campaign with BA

Visit California launches ‘Britfornians’ video marketing campaign with BA

Visit California has launched a new marketing campaign with videos in which real-life British travellers share their stories of personal discovery within the Golden State.

The ‘Britifornians’ campaign, in partnership with British Airways, brings together Visit California’s ‘Living the Dream’ brand platform with British Airway’s ‘What If’ manifesto.

It aims to show UK travellers that holidays in California have a free-spirited outlook on life and a unique culture that can lead to a transformative experience.

The campaign comprises of three three-minute videos filmed in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego with travellers chosen for their stereotypical British reserve, scepticism of California’s ‘hippy outlook’ and a feeling of having grown up too fast and too soon.

Viewers follow these travellers as they are introduced to a cast of California dreamers before being taken on an off-kilter adventure, with the intention of transforming them from Brits to ‘Britifornians’.

The three-month campaign bids to drive video views and engagement across Hoopla, YuMe and Runway, and has been funded with a $100,000 investment in YouTube TrueView.

The videos can be viewed on Visit California’s Dream365TV content channel and British Airways’ YouTube channel and, from March, will feature on British Airways’ in-flight entertainment.

“Britifornians is all about exploring the lifestyle, attitudes and great mentality of Californians” said Caroline Beteta, president of Visit California. “We’re delighted to work with British Airways and inspire consumers with compelling content that embodies California’s ‘Dream Big’ attitude.”

The series piggybacks other partnership material between Visit California and British Airways partnership, including a TV spot called Living the Dream featuring Hollywood actress Anna Faris, basketball legend Magic Johnson and big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton.

Visit California and British Airways have expanded upon their annual joint advertising campaign to help boost British Airways sales activity in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego. BA is introducing flights from Gatwick to Oakland for San Francisco four days a week from March 28.

Nearly 740,000 Brits travelled to California in 2016, and make up more than 17% of all travellers to the state.

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