Intent Media taps in to greater appreciation of data science in travel

Intent Media taps in to greater appreciation of data science in travel

New York-based predictive analytics firm Intent Media says a greater appreciation of data science among travel brands outside of the US is driving growth in Europe and Latin America.

The firm has expanded its presence in London where it established an office in 2015 having taken on a growing number of partnerships in the UK and Europe.

In 2016, the company more than doubled its number of publishers and advertisers, and expanded its global reach to more than 40 countries.

Chief executive, Richard Harris, said: “We’re seeing progressive travel brands in Europe start to really embrace what data science can do for them in terms of predicting user actions and behaviour.

“When you can accurately predict what a user is on your site to do in a given moment, you can deliver the right experience right then – whether that’s an ad, incentive to purchase, or nothing but your organic page.”

David Lewis, EMEA president of business development, leads an expanded team in London with Thomas Michahelles having joined from Expedia as director of central and eastern Europe.

Michahelles said: “Intent Media sits at the apex of two current trends in travel – using data science and technology to understand and delight users, and the use of media as core source of revenue. I’m thrilled to remove the fear factor around both for travel brands in central Europe.”

Intent is growing its service teams to serve current and future clients from its London office where Ben Riggle, vice president of advertiser sales and services, leads a team responsible for helping OTAs, metasearch sites and suppliers acquire targeted traffic from the Intent Media network.

Gemma Trippas has joined as director of strategic partnerships to lead a team dedicated to client success efforts. Clement Bourguignon heads up the French market.

Warren Rochwerg, chief commercial officer of Intent client Webedia’s EasyVoyage, a meta-search player based in France, said understanding user intentions and creating useful, personalised experiences for them will set us up for a secure long-term future.

He said: “With Intent Media, we are expanding our on-site media program beyond simple adverts to customers who are leaving our site. We have more personalised, customer-centric options that align with how customers actually shop.

“And, as more of our traffic comes from mobile, it’s important that our media and UX strategy keep up. Intent Media invests heavily in mobile, and has several solutions that serve our customer’s needs.”

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