Guest Post: Boosting travel brands with well executed travel deals

Guest Post: Boosting travel brands with well executed travel deals

Mark Attwell, managing director at

One of the most enjoyable things working for is the diverse nature of travel companies we work with.

We feature some of the leading travel brands in the UK but also work with some fantastic small businesses who can constantly match the established names with innovative holidays at great prices.

We’ve seen businesses grow from nothing and become regular contributors so to encourage more small businesses to take advantage of travel deal sites we have put together 6 key tips to consider when creating a deal.

Create a strong offer page
Regardless of whether you deal is bookable online or only available only through enquiring on the phone, a clear and informative landing page gives potential purchasers confidence to continue.

Provide customers with further detail of the hotel; provide information on transport; be upfront on any extras; and most importantly provide a clear path to book.

Be unique
Our user base are very savvy consumers who know a great deal when they see one. Repeating offers continually or replicating an offer recently featured in a mailing will not drive long term sales. New and fresh offers are they key to long term advertising success.

Don’t put your eggs in one basket
Some offers really drive the imagination and create great sales, others do not. It is best to invest in a couple of offers, learn what works, and look at the ROI of the total spend rather than invest offer by offer.

Think regional
The majority of lead prices come from departures in the London area but deal sites will attract users nationwide. The number one question we get back is “how much is it from my local airport?” So don’t forget to add strong regional prices onto your deal page. It will instantly increase your chance of conversion.

Talk to us
All travel deal sites see a significant number of deals coming into their business every week. They see results and where people are clicking. So harness their knowledge and gain feedback on your proposed offer. We can provide guidance on a certain destination or a type of offer.

Provide strong branding/imagery
Travel brands will sometime focus too much on their price but forget to provide attractive imagery or a poor quality copy of their brand logo. Ensure your whole offer is compelling, not just the price

With January behind us and the summer fast approaching, promoting your last minute availability or underperforming areas with travel deal websites could provide you those additional sales that will make the difference in 2017.

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