Luxoft to use ArrivalGuides content

Luxoft to use ArrivalGuides content

Travel and hospitality IT provider Luxoft has teamed up with destination content supplier ArrivalGuides.

The partnership will mean ArrivalGuides content will be available to Luxoft clients.

More than 300 travel operators use the content from a library of destination information, including photos and videos, designed to improve customer interaction, experience, loyalty and transactions with their brand.

Max Zhdanov, head of the travel practice at Luxoft said destination content will “help provide higher value and richer solutions for clients in the travel industry”.

And Ola Zetterlof, director of strategic partnerships at ArrivalGuides, said: “Use of destination content in the travel industry is becoming more and more technologically advanced, making it harder for travel operators to get the best value without integration of the content in the current flow.

“Our partnership with Luxoft will give travel operators better options to drive their business in all phases of the traveller’s journey.”

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