Mobile app that links travellers to bloggers hits funding target

Mobile app that links travellers to bloggers hits funding target

A new mobile app which promises travellers they can follow in the footsteps of their favourite bloggers has reached its funding target.

GPSmyCity uses GPS technology to track where travellers go and gives bloggers a way of monetising their creativity.

It adds a map to text and pictures uploaded by bloggers to make their spots easier to find.

As of February 8, it has raised $21,889 from 295 backers via Kickstarter, after setting a target of $18,000. The goal was reached more than a week before its deadline.

A smart travel article can be downloaded as a mobile app, so that you can also read it offline. Travellers decide which attractions they want to see and the in-built navigation system identifies their current position and the location of your chosen destination using GPS.

Designers say “the human touch of a travel writer can never be replaced” and aims to link articles and blog posts to those wanting to read them while they’re experiencing the same destinations.

It already has partnerships with hundreds of professional travel bloggers and writers, with more than 6,000 travel guides in more than 750 cities worldwide.

Readers can download and read articles free of charge or pay to use a premium version for navigation capability. Most of the upgrade fee goes to the article author.

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