New app by White Guide features 12 top Parisian eateries

New app by White Guide features 12 top Parisian eateries

Twelve places to eat in Paris are featured in the launch of a new app for foodies travelling in the French capital.

12forward has been created by White Guide – an online authority on the best eateries in the Nordics.

But the designers of the app – available on Android and iOs – think the French capital has re-emerged as an “epicentre of gastronomic innovation” and has “mapped out its vanguards”.

The digital guide is aimed at “gastromads” and includes fine dining establishments, more humble eateries and simple food stalls.

Paris launches on February 4, and new cities are introduced on a continuous basis. Sydney is next and will be followed by Los Angeles, Bangkok and Chicago as it looks to add between 30 and 40 cities.

The listings are limited to 12 eateries in each city and when a new trailblazer enters the stage, an older one is knocked off.

They are assessed using the White Guide’s 100 point score system, which details each restaurant’s claim to fame, the main reasons to go and what to look out for.

Food writer Mattias Kroon is 12forward’s Paris editor.

He said: “The rituals of eating out in Paris are shifting dramatically. It’s the epicenter of bistronomy and the current influx of creative Japanese chefs are contributing immensely to Paris’ reputation as a leader in global trends.

“The quality and careful sourcing of products remains as high as ever with Parisian chefs. Innovation shines brightly in fine dining restaurants too; these chefs are now shrewdly playing around with the gentle codes of French haute cuisine – without losing their identities. Paris has never been as good as right now.”

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