New fare-splitting website Ticketclever opens to rail market

New fare-splitting website Ticketclever opens to rail market

A new website has launched offering rail passengers 60% discounts on their journeys by automatically working out the cheapest route.

Travellers have long been able to split journeys into parts and buy multiple tickets cheaper than one single, but Ticketclever technology does that for its customers.

Its technology calculates hundreds of millions of fare combinations to find cheaper ticket prices, which could include combinations of singles.

Customers are told whether it’s cheaper to travel later, earlier or on a slightly different route and it automatically works out cheaper tickets if the journey spans peak and off-peak trains.

It says the best deals are on trips over an hour long because there are more chances to tweak the route and ticketing options on the journey.

The National Rail-accredited site has launched in the same week as measures were put forward by train operating body the Rail Delivery Group to ensure passengers receive the best possible fares.

Examples prices Ticketclever is leading with include Manchester to London Euston at £73.80, which it says is a £95.20 (56%) saving on a £169 peak adult single and an £86.20 Glasgow to Leicester ticket which it says is £34.80 (29%) cheaper than a £101.50 off-peak single ticket.

Jeremy Acklam, chief executive at Ticketclever, said: “In an era where the price of train travel is under scrutiny, it’s frustrating that getting the best deal on UK train journeys isn’t straightforward.

“With so many fare combinations for each journey, it’s very difficult for passengers to be certain they have a good deal. At Ticketclever we want to make rail travel simpler by transforming the process of finding and buying tickets, so it is more transparent.”

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