Cloud SIM wooing travel agents to sell in-flight calling app

Cloud SIM wooing travel agents to sell in-flight calling app

Travel agents are being offered commission to promote a new mobile app which allows users to make calls mid-flight and abroad.

Up to five phone numbers can be linked to one phone, or tablet, through Cloud SIM.

The company is asking agents to promote the app and sell a voucher as an add-on to package holidays, with up to 35% commission on each top-up.

During flights, the app is powered by airlines’ Wi-Fi, so does not dip into the user’s data usage.

It uses VoIP calling technology, but also has a local access option when no Wi-Fi or mobile data allowance is available. This means calls can be placed through a local number, using the user’s inclusive minutes rather than data.

As an introductory offer, Cloud SIM is giving a one month free number to new customers and going forward it costs 1p per minute. Texts cost 3.9p each.

Cloud SIM is targeting people who have to take business calls on holiday and those who want to avoid paying expensive roaming fees.

A spokesman said the app saves travellers the hassle of arranging roaming packages prior to their holiday or facing sky-high phone bill when they return.

“If sold with a holiday package, Cloud SIM can give travellers a one stop solution to all smartphone issues when holidaying, which is precisely why this new app is causing such a stir in the travel market.”

Director Saran Sathiyadurai, added: “For most, the cost of international calling is prohibitive.”

“This will be a great add-on for travel agents who can now give their customers a call package when traveling around the world.”

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