Innstant Travel announces VAN deal with eNett International

Innstant Travel announces VAN deal with eNett International

Travel agents making bookings through Innstant Travel can now make “more efficient” and “lower cost” payments.

Online travel wholesale and technology provider Innstant Travel has announced a partnership with eNett International, meaning it will have access to eNett’s Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) across its global network.

A VAN is a 16 digit MasterCard number that can be used to pay suppliers securely.

By integrating with travel agency booking and back-end accounting tools, Instant Travel says VANs allow payments from within the booking workflow, making payments fast, safe and easy.

The firm says that VANs also deliver significant cost and time savings.

Chief executive Darryl Ismail said: “Our partnership with eNett will help our travel agents and corporate partners to reduce their costs by allowing them to pay with a more affordable and efficient payment method. VANs provide the perfect solution, to help their business grow by enabling them to better manage efficiencies, costs and risks.

He added: “In 2017, we expect a significant number of our global travel partners to switch to eNett VAN payments.”

eNett Managing Director and chief executive Anthony Hynes added: “Travel companies don’t have to waste valuable time and resources on unnecessary manual reconciliation and payment processing. VANs provide an alternative to outdated payment methods, streamlining and automating the payments process to make transactions simple and easy. I look forward to working with Innstant Travel in bringing the benefits of VANs to its entire global network.”

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