Great Rail Journeys chooses Qubit for online personalisation

Great Rail Journeys chooses Qubit for online personalisation

Great Rail Journeys has partnered with customer experience optimisers Qubit to provide data-driven personalised booking for passengers.

The UK rail holiday company, which also operates globally, wants to make the booking process more relevant for its customers.

Qubit uses data to track how customers use websites and then creates profiles for that customer with the aim of providing them with the most relevant booking experience.

It could suggest brochures for customers to download, provide links to Great Rail Journeys’ blog or prompt customers to speak to advisors on the phone.

“Qubit’s ability to create relevant, personalised experiences that convert browsers into buyers will prove crucial as we look to increase our market share throughout peak trading periods and beyond,” said Daniel Tangen, head of ecommerce at Great Rail Journeys.

“If we’re to meet our ambitious growth plans and ensure we stand out in the marketplace, we’ll need to engage with customers in increasingly sophisticated ways and provide them with experiences and offers tailored to their specific needs.

Graham Cooke, chief executive of  Qubit, added: “The Qubit platform will allow Great Rail Journeys to act on the wealth of customer data at their fingertips, making it far easier and quicker for online visitors to find the perfect holiday.

“In an increasingly competitive market, giving customers a relevant and meaningful experience can make all the difference. By utilising data to create highly personalised interactions, Great Rail Journeys can continue to ensure their market-leading holiday and travel experiences are matched by the booking experience.”

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