OTAs a ‘moderate’ threat to hotel industry

OTAs a ‘moderate’ threat to hotel industry

Online travel agents are a considered a ‘moderate’ threat to non-pro-active hoteliers, according to the results of a new survey.

Travel Technology Europe, asked technology buyers about the issue and 57% said they though OTAs were a ‘moderate threat’ while 14% said the threat was ‘very serious’.

But 100% of respondents said there was ‘some’ threat to hotels from OTAs.


Level of threatPercent
Moderate threat but only to hoteliers who fail to be proactive57%
Moderate threat to all29%
Very serious but threat will lessen going forward14%


David Chapple, event director for Travel Technology Europe, said: “The threat to the hotel industry from OTAs has been well documented but the majority of our respondents believe, if hotels are proactive in their response to this threat, it need only to be moderate.

“However, 100% of survey respondents agree there is a threat of some level – whether moderate or serious – and this is why we are addressing this topic in our hospitality conference stream.”

Travel Technology Europe, which takes place on February 22 and 23, will feature a Hospitality Tech Showcase for technology professionals to connect to more than 30 suppliers with solutions for revenue generation, guest experience and operational management.

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