opens marketplace for unwanted holidays after test period opens marketplace for unwanted holidays after test period, the start-up website that sell people’s unwanted non-refundable holidays, has officially launched.

The firm has been testing the market since July last year and planned to go live at the end of last year. It has now launched the new version of its website.

It says the site is “packed with features designed to make it even easier to use, with improved security and transparency”.

The multi-lingual listings site allows anyone to buy and sell travel bookings, from flight tickets to package holidays, to camping trips – they accommodate for all travel plans. claims it allows sellers to make a return on some, and sometimes all, of the money they have paid out on unused travel, while buyers can snap up a last minute deal at a bargain price.

Payments can be made via PayPal, and users can register using their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

Founder, Simon Powell, said the new website was designed with new features to improve the user experience and provide additional safeguards for buyers and sellers.

“We have listened to our customers, and their feedback has helped us to make the site even better. For example, buyers clicking on accommodation bookings will now also see TripAdvisor reviews to help them make their decision to purchase.

“We have also added detailed seller profiles and a secure platform which allows buyers and sellers to complete transactions without having to exchange phone or email contacts.

“Our focus was to reinvent the peer-to-peer concept and create a community of trustworthy, honest users by allowing social site log-ins which verifies user details and email IDs.”

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