Inn Style offers its booking system clients free customisable websites

Inn Style offers its booking system clients free customisable websites

Pictured: Adrian Melrose

Suffolk-based travel technology firm Inn Style is offering free customisable websites to hotel owners who subscribe to its online booking system.

The sites are mobile-friendly and clients can adapt the template to reflect their branding with a range of options, including colours, images and text.

Inn Style hosts the sites and oversees search engine optimisation (SEO). The property must register a domain name and supply imagery and text.

Adrian Melrose, Inn Style chief executive, said: “In order to take direct online bookings, a property owner needs to have their own website. Setting up an online presence can be a daunting prospect. We’re changing that.

“Our mission is to give property owners the tools to sell online. Inn Style already provides a beautiful, stylish booking experience for guests. Now we’re going one better.”

Bodalwyn Guest House in Aberystwyth is one of the first to use the Inn Style website builder service and online booking system combined.

Melrose added: “Our product perfectly meets the needs of accommodation owners and their guests.

“Our customer base is growing rapidly, and this confirms that increasing numbers of accommodation owners are recognising the trends and adopting online tools

“There is an unquestionable increase in guests wanting to book and pay for their holidays via phone and tablets.

“With the launch of our website builder, there is nothing to prevent anyone keeping pace with guest expectations and selling more, online.”

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