Hotelbeds hails ‘landmark’ in cloud migration

Hotelbeds hails ‘landmark’ in cloud migration

Global bedbank Hotelbeds Group aims to respond faster to the more than 430 million daily requests it receives by reaching a “landmark” phase in its migration process to the cloud.

The strategic commitment responds to the rapid growth of the Palma-based business in recent years, which has led to an exponential increase of the number of data requests received.

Hotelbeds currently has more than 60% of its data securely stored in the Amazon Web Services cloud and expects to complete the process within a maximum of three years.

This transition has also coincided with a change in data centre, transferring the group’s entire IT infrastructure to several of BT’s data processing centres in Madrid.

The move to BT, which has a strong data centre structure based on the private cloud, began last June. The first phase of the project was completed last month and is expected to end in June.

Chief technology officer Álvaro de Nicolás said: “Hotelbeds Group’s transition to the cloud is a result of our commitment to technology as a generator of revenue and profitability for the entire business – from the sales platform to the back-office services and everything in-between.

“Thanks to this strategic change, we will be able to obtain greater scalability and gain in flexibility when implementing the servers needed to store the information.

“This is especially important given the seasonality of our sector, but also relevant considering that the number of data requests grows exponentially as a result of continuous technological developments.

“We are proud to say that this technological innovation will enable us to meet our ambitious growth plans in terms of both the number of services offered as well as the volume of sales.

“This change will allow us to stay one step ahead of the industry with one of the most powerful IT ecosystems in the world’s travel industry – and even one of the most powerful in Spain.”

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