Lufthansa to introduce Wi-Fi on short haul flights

Lufthansa to introduce Wi-Fi on short haul flights

Passengers on board short-haul Lufthansa flights have been promised they can soon send emails at 32,000 feet, shop online while soaring over the Alps or stream videos above the clouds.

The German airline has announced it will introduce Wi-Fi of Broadband quality on its short-haul flights, starting with ten of its Airbus A320 aircraft at the end of the first quarter of 2017.

It will be sold at varying prices for different access. Messaging starts at €3 per flight, the ‘surf’ option is €7 and to stream it will cost €12

During the test phase, which has just started, passengers on board five aircraft will receive free internet access. Analysis of their usage will be used to improve the service before its market launch.

Harry Hohmeister, a member of the board of directors of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and responsible for hub management, said: “I am pleased that we can soon offer broadband internet to our passengers on inner-European flights, giving them the chance to have a seamless digital experience.”

By the end of the first quarter of the year, 20 Lufthansa aircraft will be fitted out with the potential to offer internet access. The entire fleet is set to be ready by mid-2018.

The re-fitting of 31 aircraft at Austrian Airlines is planned to be completed before the end of April 2017 and 69 Eurowings aircraft are to be fitted with the systems by the summer.

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