Sunmaster to offer phone recognition service

Online late-booking specialist Sunmaster is to overhaul its mobile phone service to enable users to log into its system with any type of handset.


The new system, to be launched in April, will detect if a user has a WAP-enabled phone or one of the latest web-phones, such as the new Nokia range.


The move will be backed by a TV marketing campaign and is the first major development by the company following its takeover by Global Travel Group last May.


Users will continue to be able to search for around 700,000 late package holidays and then be put through directly to the company’s call centre to make a booking.


Sunmaster managing director Adrian Walton said the use of mobile phones to search and book holidays is a growing area for the industry.


Only a handful of online travel companies – including – have launched mobile phone services.


“You can find a holiday quicker on your mobile than on a computer,” Walton said.

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