Cross-device study shows 35% increase in returns for Monarch Airlines

Cross-device study shows 35% increase in returns for Monarch Airlines

A cross-device advert delivery and analytics service says its software has shown a 35% increase in returns on investment for Monarch Airlines in a recent study.

Flashtalking, a global independent platform for ad delivery, unification and insights, revealed the data from its partnership with Tapad, a provider of cross-device marketing technology solutions.

The partnership is incorporating Tapad’s Device Graph into Flashtalking’s fractional attribution modelling platform called Encore by Flashtalking.

In its Monarch study, the partnership was tasked with achieving successful, cross-device attribution for mobile and desktop.

It found that unifying data resulted in a 35% lift in return on investment.

Robert Foulkes, senior digital and marketing manager at Monarch Airlines said: “Both desktop and mobile play important roles in the customer journey. As such, the need for accurate, cross-device insights is critical.

“By analysing the cross-device customer journey, we can measure and optimise media investments with even greater confidence.”

Steve Latham, general manager of Encore by Flashtalking added: “We’re thrilled to deliver this solution. Integrating Tapad’s Device Graph into Flashtalking’s platform enables us to deliver cutting-edge, cross-channel insights that until today have been beyond the reach of most brands.”

“Tapad’s cross-device technology will allow Flashtalking clients to measure the consumer journey in a unified way across devices,” said Pierre Martensson, general manager of Tapad’s data division. “As Monarch has illustrated, a fully-integrated cross-device strategy can have game-changing effects on understanding the customer journey.”

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