releases Apple TV app and announces online check-in and room key service releases Apple TV app and announces online check-in and room key service

Expedia-owned has built an Apple TV app and started trials on a check-in, check-out and electronic room key service ahead of launch in 2017.

Neha Parikh, senior vice president global brands and retail, revealed the developments at this 17th annual Expedia Partner Conference in Las Vegas this week.

She said although Expedia as a corporation spends $3 billion annually on marketing the key is to spend that money wisely to reach new audiences and drive engagement.

The Apple TV app has been developed to bring trip planning among friends and family back and is aimed at the 60% of people who say they use the internet for inspiration.

“We think it’s a really exciting way of bringing back some of the joy of trip planning,” said Parikh. is looking for partners to trial the new check-in, check-out and room key service which is slated for roll out in the first quarter of 2017.

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She said research has shown that two thirds of people are likely to determine their choice of hotel based partly on the availability of this type of service.

“It’s really simple for partners to become part of this programme,” said Parikh. “We think this will reduce costs for hotel partners and we think guests will be delighted and excited about this.

“It will drive demand for hotels who have this capability.”

Parikh added: “Spending money on marketing is not enough, you have to be smart about how you do it. Think about the authentic ways in which you can build brand love.”

Parikh said last year’s launch of instant reviews for hotels has proved extremely popular with over 15 million reviews generated in that time.

She said these have allowed hotels to respond to problems before a customer leaves a public review.

“Consumers who have a negative experience are four times more likely to leave a review,” Parikh said. “If you solve a problem before a consumer leaves the hotel it’s a complete win win.”

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