Cheapflights goes for a fresh look as mobile demand soars

Cheapflights goes for a fresh look as mobile demand soars


Global flight and travel search platform has give its website a fresh look in response to growing mobile demand.

The firm promises the new site offers a “clean, uncluttered and completely seamless experience” from desktop, phone and tablet devices.

It comes as mobile demand broke through the 60% barrier for Cheapflights both globally and in the U.S., its biggest market.

“Tens of millions of people turn to Cheapflights each year, looking for a simple, straight-forward way to search and compare flights,” said managing director Andrew Shelton. “Increasingly, they are coming to us from mobile devices and it was high time we provided them with a clean, modern site that gives them a positive and consistent experience regardless of channel.

“Although the site looks very different now, our team has worked hard to ensure it stays true to our heritage. Our users will still be able to search for and compare the same great flight and travel deals from hundreds of providers, and our partners should be delighted that this new and improved site will put them in front of more potential customers than ever before.”


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