Black Tomato launches Blink for one-off luxury travel experiences

Black Tomato launches Blink for one-off luxury travel experiences

Online luxury travel agent Black Tomato has launched Blink, a new hyper-personalised service for clients looking for something unrepeatable and unique.

The London-based luxury agent said the idea came from a trend it has seen from clients looking to design their own experiences where no one else has travelled or done before.

The name of the new service refers to “blink and you will miss it” describing not just the curated nature of the product but that it is a one-off.

Black Tomato said clients looking for something special for a particular occasion can design their own temporary resort camp in private, pristine and untouched destinations.

Tom Marchant, Black Tomato co-founder, said: “Inspired by the rising trend of personalisation and the quest for an experience that’s truly yours and yours alone, we wanted to utilise our travel expertise and destination knowledge and ask ourselves if it would be possible to create a luxury accommodation experience that can exist and be enjoyed for a brief moment never to be replicated again? It’s with this notion that we developed the idea for Blink.”

The firm said: “From deserts to glaciers, jungles to lakes, our team of travel experts have hand-picked several stunningly isolated destinations where Blink camps can be set up, and where guests can explore the surrounding landscapes on unique tours and experiences.

“Once they’ve enjoyed this Blink experience the accommodation will be removed, never to be enjoyed by another client in that way again. We’ve created this to ensure that they will be the only ones to stay in this particular setting, with a Blink camp that’s been created for their eyes only.”

Marchant added: “Whether it’s positioning your tent in an exact location to see the sunrise from a particular sand dune in Morocco that’s never been camped on before, or setting up a luxury camp on a fjord in Iceland that’s barely been explored – Blink aims to get clients off the grid experiencing a one of a kind travel experience that can never be replicated in that same location.

“As people constantly search for or seek to redefine what the definition of true luxury is, Blink, in our eyes, represents what it should be. An experience, truly personal, never enjoyed by anyone before nor anyone after in the same way, with no trace left behind. In our increasingly commoditized, fast-paced world of uniform experiences, this provides the perfect antidote to this for clients seeking the unique.”

Blink prices vary client to client depending on the logistical needs, experience choices, catering requirements, planning time and will differ from destination to destination.

Prices can range from £8,800 per person (based on 6 travelling) for a three night Blink experience in Morocco to £23,800 per person for a Blink experience in Bolivia for six people for four nights. Prices exclude airfares.

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