Sabre tie-up with Conferma enhances agent virtual card offering

Sabre tie-up with Conferma enhances agent virtual card offering

An enhanced digital payment capability is being made available so that agents can generate virtual cards as part of existing ticketing and payment processes.

The Sabre virtual payment solution has been created with payments specialist Conferma,

The solution for air tickets has been integrated into the Sabre Red Workspace used by more than 425,000 agents around the world.

The new payment method will be listed alongside credit cards, cash or cheque options, providing flexibility within a seamless payment process for agencies, corporations and travellers.

The standard payment integration eliminates the need for mid/back office providers and online corporate booking tools such as GetThere to modify their business processes and incur additional technical expenses.

Sabre virtual payments gives agents the option to set credit limits, apply date restrictions and define merchant categories – a set of controls that helps them pay more efficiently while reducing the risk of fraud.

Virtual payments can be used at time of ticketing, refunding and exchanging, and the solution can be stored in customers’ preferences through the Sabre profiles capability.

Sabre virtual payments vice president Neil Fyfe said: “For each air ticket, the traditional forms of payment challenge travel agents with high risk of fraud, exposing corporate accounts and requiring extra time for reconciliation.

“A more secure and efficient way to pay is now available for Sabre-connected agencies, and it is part of the core reservation flow in the Sabre Red Workspace and Sabre APIs.

“In addition when using virtual payments within the GetThere booking tool, we provide incremental detailed reconciliation data available for expense management.”

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