Kayak and Airbus counts the cost of jet lag mistakes for UK businesses

Kayak and Airbus counts the cost of jet lag mistakes for UK businesses

Mistakes at work due to staff suffering from jet lag cost UK businesses £241 million in the past 12 months, new research claims.

Seventy-seven per cent of long haul travellers say that jet lag affects their concentration.

This is perhaps why, among those who are employed and who have travelled long haul in the past year.

And almost half (49%) say they have made a mistake at work due to the effects of jet lag, costing an average of £38 per mistake. One in ten of those who made a mistake (9%) say it cost their company more than £1,000, according to the results of a poll of 1,000 UK adults who have travelled on long distance flights in the past year.

The study by Kayak.co.uk in conjunction with Airbus found that on average, 2.2 days of every trip is impacted due to the effects of jet lag – equating to a total of 65 million days of lost holiday in the past 12 months.

And the lack of productivity caused by jet lag has impacted 53 million days of work across the UK in the same period.

The average worker estimates they are only able to work at 61% of their normal level of productivity when suffering from jet lag, which equates to the UK workforce losing 20 million days of work every year.

The study also found that 20% of those who have flown long haul admit to falling asleep at work, while 37% say it has caused them to forget things including their mobile phone (5%), a suitcase (4%) and even personal details such as their date of birth, phone number or address (5%).

Some 70% say that their mood worsens when suffering from jet lag, 52% say they exhibit behavioural changes and 39% say their health suffers.

A Kayak spokeswoman said: “It is easy to see jet lag as a minor inconvenience, but as the data shows, it is causing Brits to literally lose millions of days of their hard-earned holiday each year – and hitting businesses in their bottom line.”

Airbus is pioneered ambient lighting on new A350 aircraft, providing levels that reflect how natural light keeps passengers’ circadian rhythms in check. This means passengers enjoy a more restful flight and are less likely to feel the effects of jet lag.

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